These Horror Stories From Teachers About Nightmare Parents Will Make You Cringe, Then Laugh

These narratives about helicopter parents are very amusing. Except if you’re a teacher — and if that’s the case, please could I give you a hug because frankly I don’t understand how you put up with all this.

#1. When they need the laws of physics and reasoning to alter.


This daughter missed most of the questions and didn’t analyze. Mother came in to argue failing score and said she should just be rated on the questions so consequently should have scored a 100 since the few she decided to reply were right, she did reply.”

#2. When they spew one pitiful explanation after another.


“Intellectual property is an actual gray area,” one parent said to plagiarism that is open.

#3. When they believe their child needs additional focus that is special, with sprinklings on top.


“‘Caitlyn doesn’t feel like writing. She’ll only say the solutions out loud from now on.’” to the work

#4. When they don’t only condone violence but fete it.


Little boy that was “ broke her nose and hit a girl in the face. The father comes to principal and high fives his son for doing it and a meeting with the teacher.”

#5. When they bring home the Greatest Memory medal for holding a four-year old grudge .


“Yes, my kid is misbehaving, throwing seats, hitting other children etc., but you took his paper airplane in 2nd grade and scrunched it up, so this is actually your own doing.” (The child was in 6th grade now.)

#6. They gave birth to some werewolf when they simply forget to tell you.


“‘Oh yeah, her behaviour and aggression differ with the phases of the moon’ — the pupil had openly threatened to kill me over unplugging her mobile charger.”

#7. When they mustn’t happen to be vaccinated as kids.


My wife guessed that among her pupils may be autistic and is an elementary school teacher. My wife clarified that she’d like him to be assessed and had a seminar with the mom, but the mother refused and said that if her son did have autism, my wife was the person who caused it.”

#8. When they think of their 3-year old as poultry.


“A Kindergarten teacher listed a parent is n’t my kid writing their name, ’s demands? I don’t need my kid wearing sunblock. My kid is free range. I WOn’t vaccinate.’”

#9. When they’re raising a criminal mastermind.


“I had a parent tell me his child was acting stupid for my advantage and that he’s extremely clever at house.”

#10. When their kid is not acceptable.


“My [teacher] mother often is compelled to let because they didn’t do nicely on them children retake tests. Not because the children have any kind of trouble, but because the parents complain their prodigy got a failing score on a test.”

#11. …; incorrect when they’re only.


“It’s not your job to educate my son lessons.”

#12. When they serve suits for dinner, lunch, and breakfast.


“My kid has therefore and stress, is not going to be finishing your final job. You’ll give her an A for the class no matter her ability to finish the research project, or I sue the school and will report one to the government !

#13. When their job as parents have an off switch.


“When speaking into a parent regarding behavioral problems, the parent said ‘From 8-2, he’s your issue, not mine.’”

#14. When they don’t understand that they don’t understand.


During a convention, a potential autism investigation was mentioned by the paperwork from his pediatrician. The mother said I do need to understand and I don’t understand what it’s. I don’t Google anything medical ever.’ In an identical seminar, she mentioned that among the guys who could be his dad has ‘ something

#15. When they live in a pineapple


“For the taxes we pay, we expect our teachers to get our children into any school we need.”

#16. When they’re time travelers from your pre- span that is suffragette.


“Don’t worry about my daughter, she’s not thin. Clean and she just needs to cook. How is my son doing?”

#17. When they Duchess and the Duke of the Usa of


“Third grader’s parents come in, with a notarized list of demands. 1. Kids in my personal class must be prohibited from bringing in gluten. They said they didn’t need her to feel left out because other children were eating gluten. No, she didn’t have celiac, it was only the family’s private selection. 2. I must let their daughter pick who she sits next to each day (the group had a carefully coordinate chairs strategy.) 3. She be exempt from history course because she was too advanced for our history course but not improved enough for the course that is gifted.”

#18. When tu eres feo y estupido.


“Parent requested her child to be exempted by me from talking anything in Spanish course. Said it made her daughter uneasy to say anything

#19. When they’re likely the spawn of Satan.


I train my child’s youth sports teams, although I ’m not a teacher. I once had a father approach me and bribe me ($50) to prevent a particular child from playing in our forthcoming flag football match. These were 6-year old children. A costly error was made by the child in the preceding match, but the fact this haphazard father was not unwilling to pay me the child was mindblowing.”

#20. When the only reason they might must say something similar to this is if they have specific kids.


“I was told last year the ‘clear reason’ I work in special education is because I ‘can’t get a job teaching standard kids.’”