25 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because of Your Depression

Most people imagine depression equals really sad, and unless you’ve experienced depression yourself, you might not know it goes so much deeper than that. Depression carries itself in many different ways, some more obvious than others. While some people have a hard time get out of bed, others might get to work just fine it’s different for everyone.

To find out how depression presents itself in ways other people cant insure, we asked The Mighty mental health community to share one thing people don’t realize they’re doing because they have depression.

Heres what they had to say :

1. In social situations, some people don’t realize I withdraw or don’t speak much because of depression. Instead, they think I’m being rude or purposefully anti social. Laura B.

2. I struggle to get out of bed, sometimes for hours. Then just the believed to be taking a rain is exhausting. If I manage to do that, I am ready for a nap. People don’t understand, but anxiety and depression is depleting, much like an actual physical fight with a professional boxer. Juli J.

3. Agreeing to social plans but canceling last minute. Employing an excuse but genuinely you only chickened out. It attains you think your friends don’t actually want to see you, they just feel bad. Obligation. Brynne L.

4. Hiding in my phone. Yes, I am addicted to it, but not like other people. I don’t socialize, I play games or browse online stores to confuse myself from my negative guess. It’s my safe bubble. Eveline L.

5. Running to bed at 9 p. m. and sleeping throughout the night until 10 or 11 a.m. Karissa D.

6. Isolating myself , not living up to my potential at work due to lack of interest in anything, constructing self-deprecating jokes. I’ve said many times before, I giggle, so that I don’t shout. Regrettably, it’s all too true. Kelly K.

7. When I reach out when I’m depressed its cause I am wanting to have someone to tell me I’m not alone. Not because I want attention. Tina B.

8. I don’t like talking on the phone. I prefer to text. Less pressure there. Also being anti-social. Not because I don’t like being around people, but because I’m pretty sure everyone can’t stand me. Meghan B.

9. I overcompensate in my work environment and I run front line at a Fitness Centre, so I feel the need to portray an extra happy, bubbly personality. As soon as I walk out the doors at the end of the day, I feel myself autumn. It’s depleting I am a professional at concealing it. Lynda H.

10. The excessive drinking. Most people assume I’m trying to be the life of the party or just like drinking in general. I often get praised for it. But my issues are much deeper than that. Teresa A.

11. Concealing out in my room for hours at a time watching Netflix or Hulu to confuse my intellect or taking frequent trips to the bathroom or into another room at social gatherings because social situations sometimes get to me. Kelci F.

12. Saying I’m tired or don’t feel good they don’t realize how much depression can affect you physically as well as emotionally. Lauren G.

13. Answering slowly. It constructs my brain run slower, and I can’t think of the answers to the questions as quickly. Especially when someone is asking what I want to do I don’t genuinely want anything. I isolate myself so I don’t have to be forced into a situation where I have to respond because it’s deplete. Erin W.

14. Sometimes I’ll forget to eat all day. I can feel my stomach growling but don’t have the willpower to get up and attain something to eat. Kenzi I.

15. I don’t talk much in large groups of people, especially when I first meet them. I recede because of my nervousnes and depression. People suppose I’m stuck up. I’m actually scared out of my mind worrying they don’t like me, or that they suppose I’m crazy by just looking at me Hanni W.

16. Not keeping in touch with anyone, bad personal hygiene and exceedingly bad reactions to seemingly trivial things. Jenny B.

17. Being angry, mean or rude to people I love without realizing it in the moment. I realise my actions and terms afterwards and feel nasty I had taken out my fury on people who don’t deserve it. Christie C.

18. Purposely working on the holidays so I can avoid spending time with family. It’s overwhelming to be around them and to talk about the future and life so I avoid it. Aislinn G.

19. My house is a huge mess. Cynthia H.

20. I volunteer for everything, from going to PTO meetings to babysitting to cleaning someone else’s house for them. I surround myself with situations and obligations that force me to get out of bed and get out of the house because if I’m not needed, I won’t be wanted. Carleigh W.

21. Overthinking everything and over-planning. The need to construction everything perfect and everyone happy, even if it’s taking all my energy. As if validation from someone else will make it all better. Sometimes I start out on high power, then just accident and don’t even enjoy what I’ve spent weeks/ months scheming. And no one will see me for months after, as I retreat into my safe bubble. Vicki G.

22. I smile all the time even though I don’t actually wishes to, but I do it because I don’t feel like I’m allowed to be sad when I’m with other people. I also do whatever it takes to build someone else happy because since I don’t feel happy the majority of members of the time, it only attains “i m feeling” a little better seeing someone else happy. I also isolate myself even though sometimes I really simply want someone around. Wendy E.

23. People don’t realize I say sorry before I even think about conveying any sentiments because that’s how worthless I feel. I’m apologizing for feeling anything about anything because that’s how little I feel I matter. They don’t just know I feel like apologizing for even breathing in their general direction. I even tell I’m sorry before asking to use the bathroom no matter how long I’ve held it. I feel like a burden for biological wants I have no control over. Amy Y.

24. Neglecting to do basic things like laundry , not wanting to cook a snack or feed. They guess I’m being lazy. Rebecca R.

25. Sometimes I’ll run days without speaking to anybody. People tend to believe I’m ignoring them on purpose when actually I am just lost within myself. I don’t mean to seem like I’m pushing people away. Some days it’s hard when my thoughts ingest me and when I can’t find the motivation to do simple things that others do on a daily basis. Alyssa A.

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