Dad Makes A Detailed Contract For The Kids To Sign Before They Can Get A Puppy

Father Makes Kids Sign Super Comprehensive Contract Before They Could Get A Puppy
Having pets at home is one way to teach children about responsibility. Be it dogs, cats or hamsters, these cuddly and adorable pets bring joy to kids. However, cleaning pets is the less exciting part of having a pet.
This responsibility takes away the appeal of pets. As a result, parents are the ones who have to own the responsibility. Rjohnstone13, a Reddit user has just found a perfect solution to kid’s impulsive pet buying: a contract!

Here’s a detailed contract agreed and signed by the kids:



The purpose of the contract is to make kids aware of the responsibilities that having a pet dog entails.

It is only when the kids agreed to their Dad’s condition that they decided to get a pet.¬† They named their little furry (and fluffy) friend Kershaw.



Did you ever have to go through hoops before you were able to be allowed to get a dog or any pet for that matter?