The Wonderful Benefits Of Eating Avocado

The results showed that the new diets brought significant improvements to the participants’ LDL cholesterol. However, the group which included avocado in their diet demonstrated the best result.

The level of LDL cholesterol of participants in the third group dropped 13 points compared to around 8 points for people on the avocado-free moderate-fat diets and low-fat diets.

Experts concluded that one avocado per day is enough to sustain a moderate-fat diet. It can significantly reduce cholesterol level and prevent cardiovascular disease and other health problems which are related to high cholesterol. It is not only the apple that keeps the doctor away, but the avocado as well.

If you have not thought about including avocado in your daily diet, you can surely promote overall health because of its many benefits. The mere fact that it keeps heart disease at bay is one good reason to consume avocados regularly. Include avocado in your diet and you will have a hearty meal.