On Tough Times it Begins

Who doesn’t go through life without any challenges from the mental to the physical?

On Tough Times Quote
“on Tough Times” is a new website with an aim to provide helpful information on self-sufficiency, overcoming personal difficulty, motivation, and creativity for more productive living.

It hasn’t been that long since I started to change my way of thinking. I started stepping back and took a better glance at life and all the stuff that goes on it. I saw a rat race with people going nuts every day on their way to work. Tons of cars on the streets honking each other all the time, I saw a lot of  “zombies” hypnotized to buy every single thing they saw on TV, I saw the countless amounts of people who are so dependent on outer systems to the point of almost becoming useless for themselves, I saw some despair of people going through financial difficulty unable to make ends meet and pay their bills, health-related issues and expensive medicine, others were simply down and demotivated with no sense of purpose, and this is on top of the countless other issues in our love life, and relationship challenges! No wonder many are stressed to the bone I thought.

With all our “busyness” and the chaos going on every day we are forgetting that deep within us lies a very creative individual that is capable of overcoming challenges from negative experiences, and also on times of financial difficulty, we start to dig in for alternative ways of living.

Taking all that in I started researching on creative ways to be more self-reliant overall, reusing stuff around the house to save money, growing some of our own food, and other ways of living a more meaningful life unlike the artificial-looking one that many people are trapped in nowadays.

Not only was I starting to learn so many things but it was extremely fun at the same time! My stress levels were going down as I began to look forward to learning more and more things out there that many people are coming up with and also learning themselves.

This whole game of life is not so much about having challenging experiences but on learning from them. Every area of our life plays an important role. It all starts with conditioning our mind and focusing on good and more productive things. Anything that ignites your creativity, will begin to take a life of its own, you will start to see more excitement and motivation, and less of all that artificial egotistic crap. Although every feeling, every state of mind, and every experience has a purpose, when you are ready to take the next step and set yourself apart from the old crowd this is where this site comes in.

Its purpose is to promote creativity of every day living, promote self-reliance, and even motivate you in tough times. Because everything is connected I tell you. But the real message is that everything starts with you! You can make a lot of things happen, you can reprogram your mind to what you want it to be like more, and you can use your natural abilities to live a life of your own design. Keep in mind that for the most part I want to promote a simpler life, because I believe it is the one way of living that will cause the least stress and therefore allow you to experience the greatness in the small details.

Remember… “on tough times” we need to rise to the top of our internal game in order to change the outer game.

I hope that the information and resources I plan to make available here are able to help you out on tough times so that you can move on in life. Hopefully one day we will be able to make this world a better place.