Some Of The 10 Most Colorful Animals


The world is made up of many different striking creatures that each have their own stories. They vary in color, size, and many other things! Some may make you laugh, others can look quite scary, but each to their own. All of these animals are different, but the ones that will be shown here, are the colorful ones! So without further ado, I present, top 10 colorful animals.

1. Panther Chameleon


The first on the list is one that contains many colors, in fact they can even change the color of themselves! The Panther Chameleon is comprised of red, white, blue, green and a little bit purple. It has the amazing ability to be able to change the color of itself  in order to hide itself. Plus the fact that the change of color can be affected by light, temperature and the mood of the chameleon. All in all, it is a very colorful animal!

2. Sockeye Salmon


You might be thinking, “How can a fish be considered colorful?”. Well the Sockeye Salmon certainly is a fish to look out for due to its ability to be able to change its color to its environment. They are normally a color that consists of blue and silver, but they turn red and green before they start spawning. So the Sockeye Salmon is one colorful fish!

>3. Bird of Paradise

Male bird of paradise

This bird immediately catches your eye, its feathers are very colorful! The male Bird of Paradise showcases its beautiful colorful feathers, in fact he dances, poses, and even goes as far as to change his shape to woo the ladies! Although the females aren’t very colorful, they still must be impressed with this bird’s color on his feathers. Sadly though, some species are endangered because they have a great cultural significance to the natives of New Guinea. So their feathers and skins are often traded.

4. Temminck’s Tragopan


Next up is the Temminck’s Tragopan! At first look, its chest will be the first thing to catch your eye. The nice arrangement of blues put together with a bit of red make this bird colorful! Next thing that you’d see is the bird’s orange and brown quiff. This pretty bird is found in the forests of South Asia. To include, the blue color on its face is not part of the feathers, it’s actually skin! But, it’s no shock that the Temminck’s Tragopan is considered to be the world’s most handsome pheasant.

5. Weedy Sea Dragon


Now this following animal is certainly interesting and not to mention, it’s also colorful. The Weedy Sea Dragon, as it is called, is usually found off the coasts of Australia, where given its leafy appearance allows it to be able to hide among seaweed when threatening predators may pass by. Females can produce up to 250 eggs at a time, and the male looks after them. He wouldn’t be able to lose them either, because they’re a bright color of pink! Very colorful indeed!

6. Blue-Footed Booby


Ah, now its time for the Blue-Footed Booby. Chances are the first thing that’ll catch your eye on this little fella is his feet! They resemble blue boots, so props to the male Booby’s with having some sense of style to them! But in fact, it’s the Booby’s blue feet, or “boots”, that attract females to them. Luck is particularly with them during mating season which is when the blue boots turn even brighter in their favor! These birds are found in the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific, but they can also be found on many other tropical and subtropical islands too!

7. Clownfish


Nemo! Yes it’s the classic yet colorful Clownfish coming to show! With its bright orange color along with the white stripes on its body, it is indeed pleasant to see. Although they are covered in slime.. But this is crucial to the Clownfish, the slime helps protect it from the anemone’s sting. So the Sea Anemone and The Clownfish are nice partners in crime if I’d say so myself!

8. Lesser Flamingo


This pink feathery creature is certainly a sight to see. But do you actually know why flamingos have pink feathers? Lesser Flamingos get their pretty pink color from the pigment of the algae they eat. This species of Flamingos are the smallest and most stunning of the flamingo family. They are found in Africa and also in some parts of Asia. But they are prey to animals such Baboons, Eagles, and Wildcats. One things for sure though, pink suits them!

9. Sailfish


At number nine we have The Sailfish. It honestly is a very stunning creature. At first thought, you’d think that the blue stripes on them are just there for show. But they aren’t! In fact when the Sailfish is hunting, the stripes light up confusing their prey and also letting fellow  hunters know what they are in the act of doing. Now this a very clever and helpful way of using your colorful stripes as an advantage. Not only do they have an interesting way of using their stripes, but they are also very fast! Clocking up to 70 miles per hour, it is the fastest recorded speed of a fish. Another thing to know is that the sail on the fish is most often kept folded down, but it is raised when the fish feels threatened in order to make it look bigger than it actually is. To conclude, the Sailfish is stunningly beautiful with its colors and speed!

10. Monarch Butterfly


Have you ever been standing around when suddenly you see a butterfly fly past you? They are beautiful right? But have you ever seen a Monarch Butterfly fly past? Their appearance will catch your interest in a second. The bright orange is such a nice color that goes quite well with the black and white on their wings. Colorful butterflies they are, sure, but their colors do serve for another purpose. The colors on a Monarch Butterfly serve as a warning sign to predators that basically says “Don’t eat me! I’m poisonous!”. Monarchs are also most known for their southward migration in North America when winter arrives. Something interesting to know is that it is the only butterfly to migrate North to South, like birds often do, so it is simple amazing. For its lovely colors and mighty migration, the Monarch Butterfly is one outstanding creature.

 Images credit: BBC Earth