The Type Of Guy You Tend To Attract Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ever wonder what kind of significant other you tend to attract? Your zodiac sign is said to be reflective of your stronger traits and characteristics in terms of your overall personality, and it gives you a hint of other people’s major traits and personalities as well. Find out a little more about yourself and get an idea of the type of guy you are likely to attract more often.


You’re an energetic person, full of life and excitement and gusto for everything that crosses your path. Ironically, the guy you attract is often the complete opposite. He’s calmer, steadier, and more even-keel. He takes life seriously and slowly, and this can either be a perfect balance to your upbeat heart or lead to total frustration. Either way, your energy attracts someone who doesn’t always understand your passion, but still admires and craves it.


Your steadiness is one of the most attractive things about you. Though it can often take you a little too warm up or to trust people, you are such a stable and devoted partner once committed. However, you often find yourself in relationships with guys who are struggling. Whether he’s broken by his past, having a hard time getting over an ex, or just has major issues letting you in, because of your patient and caring nature, the guy you often attract is the one you need to fix.


You’re the type of person who craves connection. You love to be around people, to be constantly learning, and to be inspired. The type of guy you attract is someone you meet in a social scene, someone who appears to be just as passionate as you, but unfortunately, falls short. More often than not, you attract the guy whos putting on a facade. He appears to be confident, intellectual and curious, but after getting to know him, you realize he was just trying to charm you; the real him turns out to be kind of boring.


You treat everyone like family. You have a huge heart and would do anything for the people you love. That’s why it’s obvious you attract the sensitive guy, the kind of guy whos emotional and in-tune with his feelings. The problem with this is that this guy ends up as a best friend, rather than boyfriend material. Because he feels so comfortable around you, and because you are able to open up with each other right away, he often turns out to be more of a brother than a BF.


You are bold. You are a leader, proud and in charge. You love to lavish the people around you with affection and gifts, which is why the guy you often find yourself with is the needy one. This guy is attracted to your big personality and gets easily swept up in your caring, giving arms. Though the relationship might appear positive at first, often you get too smothering and he gets way too clingy.


You are a great listener, and someone who is trustworthy, calm and collected, no matter the drama you face. Because of your patient nature and your ability to often take on more than you should, you find yourself attracting the guy with baggage. He has a crazy past, a lot going on, and often brings a lot more chaos to your life than necessary. He’s attracted to you because you’re everything he needs comfort, security, care, and calm.


Your personality is rooted in your need for balance. You love things to be in order, to make sense, and to be in harmony. But sometimes you’re a little wishy-washy, unsure of what to do next or how you’re really feeling in a situation. That’s why the guy you attract the most is the guy who never completely serious about you. This guy is half-in, half-out. He sometimes acts like your boyfriend, and sometimes acts like he barely knows you. Maybe he reads your indecision as hesitation, or maybe he’s just a player whatever the reason, you’re never quite sure of his feelings for you.


Of all the signs, you are the most independent in the sense that you crave your alone time and need it to refresh. Because of your ability to be secure in your own person, the guy you often attract is the one in the same boat. He’s independent and self-sufficient. He doesn’t really a partner but does enjoy your company. The problem with this guy, though, is that he’s often too distant. Though you like being alone, in a relationship you long for closeness, and he’s not always good at providing that or really being there when you need him.


You’re the explorer, the wanderer, the one who loves to live outside the norm. You are able to strike up conversations with ease and have a large group of friends. Unfortunately, you seem to attract the type of guy who just wants to tie you down. Maybe its because your personality makes you a total catch. Maybe it’s because of you’re everything he’s not. Whatever the reason, the guy you attract is the one who just wants to lock you down. And for someone like you, who hates being controlled, that is a big no-no.


You’re the type of person who takes life very seriously. You are a leader, driven and goal-oriented. You’re often working on something or striving to complete a project. This focus and dedication to the things you do often attract the guy who is lacking those qualities like the goofy, live-in-the-moment type of guy. This guy is the life of the party, the class clown. He’s always cracking jokes, making you laugh, and reminding you to not be so serious all the time. This can be great because he’s your counterpart or the opposite, and his unfocused nature can be detrimental to your core values.


You are an extremely selfless person. When it comes to someone whos struggling, you are more than happy to set aside your needs to be there for them in any way you can. You’re all about connections and closeness with people. Which is why you undoubtedly attract the player. This guy is all about sweet talk and sneakiness. You fall for his charm because you’re willing to be there for people, no questions asked. Unfortunately, he sees this kindness in you and takes full advantage. Be careful! Not everyone is as genuine with their intentions as you.


You’re a daydreamer. Though you can be loud and silly and social at times, more often than not, you’re caught up in your own head. That’s why it makes sense that you attract an outgoing, confident type of guy. This guy is loud and out there; he brings you out of your shell. At first, he appears fun and totally into you, but when it comes down to it, he’s really just all about himself. That big personality you enjoy? It’s actually pretty cocky. He loves to be the center of attention, and for someone like you, who values deep thinking and authentic emotion, it just doesn’t work.