11 Times Fathers Showed To Be Totally Awesome!


When it comes to parental roles, it is usually the mom that looks after little ones. However, dads also do a great job in taking care of their little munchkin while mommies are away. Dads have an important role to play as they are the children’s mentors. There are 11 ways dads prove they are totally awesome especially when it comes to babysitting!

1. They have their own way of showing their little ones how much they really care. They can child proof their car with labels…


2. Going shopping is more fun with dad dressing up as a superhero.


3. Dads will always be the first prince to every girl.


4. What better way to win his daughter’s heart than to have a bonding moment with her. A nail paint or make up session is definitely a sure hit.


5. Dating his daughter will not be easy. You need to pass his series of tests before you make the cut.


6. Kids jumping on a dad’s belly? Only a father can do that!


7. Dads have innovative ideas for styling their little girl’s hair. Vacuum ponytail. Anyone?


8. Little boys can experience adventure in the real sense of the word when dad is around. Drifting is just a tipping point for something more exciting.


9. His little princesses will always win in arm wrestling.

Aww..arm wrestling with little princesses? He

10. Even if dad’s a gamer, taking care of his baby will not be a problem as he is good at multi-tasking.

A gamer daddy knows how to multi-task and take care of his baby. He sure knows his dad duties!

11. Of course, dads also know how to cook.

 Who said they don

Whether you want a prince charming, superhero, a cook or just someone to turn a boring day into something filled with fun, dads will tick all the right boxes. Even when moms are away, they can still have greater peace of mind because dads are also doing a fantastic job of looking after kids.