The Top 23 Ways People Have Used Hydrogen Peroxide

uses for hydrogen peroxide

Many times we see hydrogen peroxide as an essential part of our first aid kit, but for the most part we know it as a substance used in an injury, and maybe a couple of other things like as a mouth-wash alternative. It’s actually very similar to water chemically. The only real difference is that hydrogen peroxide contains an extra oxygen atom within it.

In case you didn’t know, oxygen is one of the most necessary elements that heal. You can even see how oxygen heals water in a way. For example, try observing standing water in a puddle. You will begin to see that it soon starts to stink with a foul smell, then you may start seeing mosquitoes and other “pesty” creatures arise from it, but you can keep that same water healthy if somehow you oxygenate it somehow, such as constantly moving the water. Fish tanks for example, need the air pumps to constantly pump air (oxygen) in the water to keep the fish alive! As you can see, the water is always agitated and therefore oxygenated.

But lets see all these other uses for hydrogen peroxide, I’m sure from now on you will want to keep this in your home…

These are 23 ways to use hydrogen peroxide. For the ones below, use the 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide often found in retail stores rather than a 5% concentration.

1. Kills off airborne germs – Mixing 1 pint of HP with 1 gallon of water and pouring into a humidifier will kick airborne germs in the bud, cleansing your air!

2. Clean toothbrush – Leaving a moist toothbrush overnight isn’t the best for oral hygiene. Soak in HP and you’re all set!

3. Protection from swimmers ear – I bring this up in the form of a routine of cleansing your ear as a preventative measure, rather than a one-time fix as I had before.

4. Treat calluses and corns – Mix equal parts HP and water and soak your feet to soften them.

5. Eliminate boils – Pour one cup of 35% HP into a bath and soak in the tub.

6. Skin cleanser – The anti-bacterial properties of HP can cleanse your face as well!

7. Wound cleaning and disinfection – Small cuts and lacerations of course will be able to heal faster unhindered by debris and bacteria!

8. Relieve toothache – gargle with a mixture of coconut oil and HP a remedy that has been said to relieve tooth pain swiftly!

9. Body detoxification – 1 cup of 35% HP in a bath for a 30 minute soak, and then shower as per usual!

10. Contact lenses cleaner – In a diluted solution of HP, leave your contact lenses to soak in it overnight!

11. Refresh reusable shopping bags – Especially if you carry packages of meat that are not always tightly packed and give under duress, do some sanitizing with HP!

12. Glass cleaner – Allow HP to sit on a mirror and bubble before wiping away!

13. Lunchbox disinfector – Lunches that leak can provide a shock under the microscope, use HP to cleanse it!

10 more surprising uses for hydrogen peroxide you need to know

1. Treat sinus infections

With this gentle method will safely eliminate infections, clear up congestion, and relieve the condition to clear up your nasal passages. Mix four parts of water and one part food-grade hydrogen peroxide, put the mixture and a nasal spray bottle and spray it into your nose and after a moment or so blow it right back out. You can even irrigate your nose using the solution with the neti pot.

2. Antiseptic mouthwash

Bad breath is a condition that many people suffer with, commercial mouthwash is only mask the smell and dry out the mouth making the issue even worse instead. Mix an equal part of water and hydrogen peroxide and use it as a mouthwash, it will kill germs that cause bad breath and gently whiten teeth over time. If you happen to suffer from tonsil stones, gargle daily with a 50-50 mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide for at least 30 seconds,  you should notice that the stones vanish within a week or two.

3. Clear up acne

Pimples and lock cores are downright embarrassing regardless of your age. To clear up your skin use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water as a facial rinse or toner.  Hydrogen peroxide has many bacterial properties and a drying effect on the skin, it will kill bacteria that cause acne and will also disaffect and tighten your pores giving you a much clearer and younger-looking complexion.

4. Remove excessive wax

To remove dried up ear wax simply soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide then lie down on your side and put a few drops into your ear.  You will immediately notice that the hydrogen peroxide starts to fizzle or bubble and it may feel ticklish or itchy, this is the hydrogen peroxide activating breaking down the wax buildup. After about five to ten minutes or when the bubbling stops stand up and train your ear, then repeat these steps with your other ear.

5.  Foot fungus

Foot fungus or athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet, this infection can spread onto the toenails and hands, and it is contagious. To stop this embarrassing fungal growth combine equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water in a dark-colored spray bottle, next apply the solution to the affected area on your feet or hands every night until the fungus clears up.

6. Disinfect children’s toys

Let’s face it children’s rule and they tend to put just about everything in their mouth, especially during the first few years of their lives. Hydrogen peroxide is a safe cleaning alternative to use around children compared to commercial cleaning products that are harsh and often cause longer rotations, by regularly disinfecting kids toys and playing areas with hydrogen peroxide you’ll keep germs and bacteria away.

7. Get rid of musty odors

Kitchen and bath towels are notorious for getting that unpleasant musty odor over time, you can get rid of these funky odors by washing towels and a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and plain white vinegar.

8. Whiten up laundry

Have you ever noticed some yellowing around the collar or armpit areas of your white shirts or are your favorite whites looking more like ivory these days? To revitalize your yellow gardens, add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to a basin filled with water and let the fabric so for good 15-30 minutes then wash as regular.

9. All-purpose cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide is the safe and cheap alternative to commercial cleaning products, it can be used as a standalone solution or mixed with water. It’s great for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces including tiles, sinks, toilet bowls, bathtubs, and showers. You can even whiten the grout between your tiles by making a thick paste of hydrogen peroxide and flower apply it directly onto the ground cover it with plastic wrap over night and rinse it clean in the morning, if mold seems to be an issue, you can spray hydrogen peroxide regularly on areas where mold and mildew are present, this will stop fungal growth remove discoloration.

10. Clean fruits and veggies and preserve freshness

Commercially grown produce are heavily sprayed with all kinds of pesticides and fungicides. To get rid of these toxic chemicals and to preserve freshness, soak your fruits and vegetables in a sink full of water and a quarter cup of food-grade hydrogen peroxide for about 20 minutes. Rinse and dry them properly before storing.

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