Stop Your Car’s Fogged-Up Windows With The Litter Trick

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Mornings can be tough and winter sometimes makes them tougher. So whenever I stumble across some tips that help my days start as smoothly as possible, I’m all over it! One of the most difficult morning savers I’ve tried myself is this sock trick for clouded up windows.

The trick is actually so simple, and you just have to make it once. After that, you leave it inside your car for the whole season and let it work its magical stuff. What do you do? Fill a sock with kitty litter!

Cat litter is specifically designed to absorb moisture (for reasons that are obvious), including moisture in the air around it. Without extra moisture trapped in the air inside your car, there will be much less, if any condensation on the inside of your windows.

What You Will Need:

  • old sock
  • masking tape
  • crystal cat litter

This is What You Do:

  1. Wrap the ends of the sock around your roll of tape to make it easy to pour.
  2. Fill the “bottom” of the sock with cat litter.
  3. Tie off the ankle and turn the rest of the sock back over the foot section (OR: fill the sock completely and tie the end off with a string).
  4. Place the prepared socks on your dashboard. You can make multiple and put some in the back of your car as well.