5 Super Easy Things You Can Do Daily To Save Money

Sure enough we all go through the struggles of financial hardship at one time or another. It’s not easy to overcome even when you are making the necessary steps to move forward from just staying afloat. While you work on yourself, whether it’s learning new skills, upgrading your resume to land a promotion or a better job there are some things you can do to help you in the process so you don’t over-stress yourself if you’re running short on money.

Most days I wake up and find myself wishing I were independently wealthy, living off my substantial trust fund. I could go on trips and hire people to pay my bills for me. I could be comfortable. I could not worry about saving money because Id already have a bank account full of it.

Alas, this is but a dream.

I am not independently wealthy, and I have to work to support myself. I have to pay my own bills, so I know exactly how much everything costs, from my expensive electric bill to my more expensive cell phone bill.

Its exhausting, but its reality. As a result, I’m constantly looking for ways to save money and stretch every dollar I make. This mentality is what helps me save for friend trips to other countries, tickets to concerts and multi-course anniversary dinners. The kinds of experiences you remember forever, you know?

In that spirit, here are 11 easy things you (and I) can do every day to save money.

1. Make your own coffee three times a week.

Spending 2 dollars here on a coffee and 4 dollars there on a latte doesn’t seem like much, but it really adds up after a while. Instead make your own coffee at home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Save fancy barista coffee for Monday and Friday as a special treat to start and end the week.

2. Go grocery shopping with a list every week.

The more groceries you have in your house, the more options you’ll have for meals and the more likely you’ll be to eat at home. The more you eat at home and cook those raw ingredients, the more money you’ll save on restaurants and takeout. Its simple logic.

But grocery shopping is more than the effort of pushing a shopping cart through the aisles. You want to make sure you’re shopping smart once you’re there, too. Preparing a list will help you avoid last-minute decisions driven by exhaustion and hunger.

No more will you be compulsively snacking on graham crackers while throwing anything that sounds remotely appetizing in your cart.

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