This Is What Happens When You Light 6,000 Matches

John Walker is the inventor of the first match. He was an English chemist and although there were other matches that existed in the past, Walker’s matches were the first to be mass produced and they were also safe for use.

Now, lighting a match can be done in a more creative way. Have you ever heard of match dominos?

If you have 20 boxes of matches and a luxury of time, wouldn’t you be tempted to add an element of creativity and entertainment in lighting matches? Of course, you have to keep in mind that this should not be done at home.

Since you will be literally playing with fire, this can be a dangerous idea. It should not be done indoors or on a wooden table. It can create fire and things may not turn as planned.

Here is an interesting video that shows how match dominos are made.



Check out the video!