The Herbs You NEED To Heal From Insomnia To Inflammation

It is no secret that herbs and spices are used as a natural remedy for various health problems. Even in the ancient times prior to the existence of prescription drugs and antibiotics, herbs and spices are already considered an effect form of medication that do not have any side effects. Here are some of the herbs and spices to try.

The Difference Between Adaptogenic And Functional Herbs

A functional herb has a direct impact on specific illnesses and your body. On the other hand, adaptogenic herbs are known for supporting your adrenal glands so your body’s normal function is supported as well especially in periods of high stress.

Adaptogenic Herbs and Spices

1. Holy Basil

Do not mix  holy basil with sweet basil . Holy basil is much more medicinal than sweet basil and taking 500 mg of holy basil leaf extract twice a day after meals for a period of 60 days can reduce anxiety.

2. Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng has higher amount of active chemical components than Asian or American ginseng. The Siberian ginseng increases vitality, stamina and energy. It can also prevent colds and flu.

3. Maca

This herb fights anemia, boosts energy levels and reduces chronic fatigue sydrome. It can also improve your stamina and athletic performance, fertility and memory. Maca is also a remedy for hormonal imbalance and depression.

Functional Herbs and Spices

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is often used as an anti-inflammatory medicine and flavoring agent. It can also relieve indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and knee pain. Turmeric can also fight depression symptoms and kill cancerous cells.

5. Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is used for improving blood circulation and enhancing cognition. It can also boost your mood, relieve anxiety and improve your memory.

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