A Group of “Baby Dinosaurs” Caught Returning to Jungle? 🦕

You’ve all seen the Jurassic Park movies right? Well you gotta admit they really make the splendor of these massive prehistoric creatures shine, sending shivers down your spine either because of how amazing and majestic they are, or how freakin terrifying—as you crawl in your little comfort zone secretly thanking the universe they had their time and are not in existence any more.

Well there’s a moment that made some people jump with a huge “whaaat!” As they watched the following footage.

You’ll see why in a second:

As you can see, it would totally catch anyone off guard the moment they see it.

You probably watched it then you realized, dang it I almost believed it for a second, as you’re trying to debunk it and wondering what kind of cgi sorcery is what you just saw.

This took the internet by storm quickly generating awe and disagreements.

Everything was clarified however, this was no cg effects but real… It was brought up that it was simply a group of Coatis or Coatimundis mammals running, the video was reversed.

Nonetheless it was a fun video to watch.

Share it with friends and family and see if they too fall for it.