Dog Sets A Perfect Example on How To Cross a Street Safely

A camera in a car showed an unaccompanied dog waiting patiently on the side of a street until the road was clear and could cross safely.

The fact that the dog was alone could provoke a whole debate in ‘Why did it cross the road?’ But instead of trying to find an answer to that question, concentrate on its excellent performance in road safety.

Presumably, after having seen the lonely dog waiting on the side of the road, the driver with the camera stopped at the designated intersection.

The canine took only a couple of steps towards the road but made sure to check the other traffic lane before leaving.

dog crossing road

He waited patiently while a couple of cars ignored the intelligent animal and kept driving, and finally, he was able to cross when a white truck stopped the traffic line to give the puppy a clear path to cross safely.

Keeping his caution, the dog checked that the cars were still standing before leaving and jogging across the street to continue his journey.

There are so many elements in this story that suggest how smart this particular dog could be.

In the first place, he seemed to understand that the cars were dangerous.

Secondly, the dog seems to recognize the zebra crossing as a safe place to cross the road, and it even seemed as if he knew that he should check both ways before crossing.

This dog has learned from the best.

dog crossroad crossing safety

Of course, there may be some unknown elements in this story that make the excellent sample of road safety of the dog more understandable.

For example, crossing the street could have been a common route for the pooch, which means he knew by heart where to cross.

dog safety crossing road

There could also be an owner outside the vision of the camera who was shouting instructions to his pet, but either way, it is an excellent display of obedience and understanding.

I think this video should be used in schools to teach road safety from now on 😉