Baby Shows Off Talent In Adorable Baby And Daddy Duet

baby sings duet with dad

Do you believe in natural talent?

Why are there people more predisposed than others to mathematics, music or painting?

Why are some children, almost without guidance, able to sing a melody as if they were professionals or play an instrument in an incredible way? There is diversity of opinions around it.

Is there natural talent in babies and children?

Talent in babies

thedanw / Pixabay

Those who do not believe in innate talent, believe that education, the environment, the stimuli that are received, the evolution of each one and personal effort always influence more than genetic inheritance.

There are many scientific studies that have come to scupper the theory that one is born with certain abilities. However, there are still people who believe that genetic inheritance predisposes certain people to enjoy some talents that are already registered in our DNA.

If we ask many parents, they will tell us stories of children who learn to read almost unintentionally or who solve very complicated puzzles at an early age.

How can you recognize talent in a child?

Some say that a child’s talent is recognized by the development of a skill that they are good at such as playing tennis or being virtuous in a musical instrument. They are children who have the capacity for self-discipline and when they like something they ask for extracurricular activities to develop it.

Therefore, parents should be attentive to recognize that talent and favor it, because if Mozart had lived in Ethiopia, he probably would not have been able to develop his musical talent.

I think it’s a combination of genetics, what they are exposed to and you have to see what children are good at, what they like to aim at something they really want.

When the three are in harmony, then we see the talent flourish naturally.