Rude Commuter Pushes Man On Morning Train, Then Karma Teaches Him A Lesson


In February 2015, Matt Buckland tweeted an encounter that goes down in viral history as one of the best examples of instant karma.

On his way to work during Monday morning rush hour in London, Matt was standing on the Tubewhen a man pushed past him, nearly knocking him over.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the man began swearing at him in a rush. Not a great way to start the work week.

But Matt continued on with his day atForward Partners, where he works as the head of talent and recruiting. When five o’clock came around, he prepared for his interview with a potential new hire.

When his interviewee showed up to the office, Matt couldn’t help but recognize the man standing before him, rsum in hand…

[H/T: BBC]

Matt Buckland is a lucky man who was unexpectedly given the opportunity to serve up some instant karma in the best way possible.


In 2015, Matt was on a London train on his way to work at Forward Partners, a company that funds start-ups. Later that day, Matt was slated to interview a potential new hire.



The Tube was crowded during Monday morning rush hour. Amidst the hustle-and-bustle, one man suddenly pushed past him, nearly shoving him over, while swearing at him.


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When the potential hire showed up to his interview, Matt discovered HE was the man who pushed and cursed at him on the train earlier that morning!


Matt also happens to be the head of recruiting at the company. His tweet quickly went viral and people went crazy over his story of sweet karmic revenge.


In an updated Tweet, Matt revealed that the man in question did not end up getting the job. Surprise, surprise.


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