These People Live In Houses Smaller Than Your Bedroom

Lots of people who live in small houses like these are interviewed and photographed. It is found that most of them live in spaces less than 200 square feet, which is even smaller than your average master bedroom in the U.S.

You can see that a lot of the drive behind these tiny homes is the pursuit of financial freedom and stress-free environments in which many of these people thrive.

These customized handcrafted tiny dwellings grant their owners financial freedom with a minimalist lifestyle and a small footprint. Armed with tiny kitchens, minuscule bathrooms, lofted bedrooms and multi-purpose furniture, tiny houses are redefining the American Dream and questioning what material objects you really need to be happy. You can check our tiny house here.

More info:

Bernadette downsized to a whimsical 172 sq ft tiny home in Maryland

Lina’s Oregon tiny home is only 100 sq ft

Art parks his 117 sq ft tiny home behind his rock climbing gym in Louisiana

Brittany built her charming 130 sq ft tiny home in Washington after seeing small homes overseas

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